Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend in Wisconsin

After a fun-filled weekend with Brian in Wisconsin, and although I'm very sad right now about leaving him 800 miles away, it's time to reassess the way I've been working toward my weight loss goal. Although the running goal is going very well, I've realized that my eating needs a major overhaul. I read about other weight loss bloggers losing pounds every week, whereas I have been losing and gaining the same few pounds since I started blogging. My problem is that I LOVE to eat. I love food. It's not that I eat a lot of fast food or other junk foods. I just overeat period, whether it be salads, whole grains, good carbs, bad carbs, desserts, or anything. I see specialty foods and HAVE to try them.

For example, while in Madison, WI, I came across a specialty shop called DB Infusion Chocolates in the Hilldale Shopping Center. They had the most beautifully made chocolates. They even wrapped them up in a fancy box!

I had it in my head that not eating these exclusively-made-in-Madison chocolates would somehow cheat me out of truly experiencing Madison. But why? Why do I need to experience a city through it's foods?

It's definitely something I have to work on since I travel so much, including a long trip to California next starting this Friday.

But I did run my 3.5 miles in Madison. It is a very health-minded city, with a lot of bicyclists, health food stores, yoga studios, and accessible walking/running areas.

The Hilldale Shopping Center also has a lot of wonderful boutiques and shops (non-food related) where I picked up this cute dress:

It's a very unusual dress, and it's hard to describe. But it was half off and so cute! I'm taking it to California with me, so maybe I'll get better pictures of it when I wear it there.

This is me trying to look like those cool University of Wisconsin students who were everywhere. I felt so old!

After a night in Madison, we went to the Madison Mallards game:

After the game, we drove up to Wisconsin Dells, which is home to the famous Noah's Ark Water Park, the largest in the United States. Wisconsin Dells is a family-themed tourist destination that Brian and I go to at least once a summer. It's wholesome, simple fun. We play minigolf at Pirate's Cove:

Go cheese shopping!

And, of course, eat at my MOST favorite restaurant, Ishnala. If you ever find yourself anywhere near Wisconsin Dells, you must go to Ishnala and have the filet mignon. It is the best steak you will ever eat!

My plate (6 oz filet, medium, and butterflied prawns):

Brian's plate (6 oz filet and lobster):

And we take our annual pictures under the Ishnala teepee. We have these pictures going 4 years back. It's sort of a tradition for us.

I have to admit that I missed one 3.5-mile run this week, but it's back to the grind starting with the usual Monday stretch & strength.



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