Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to the Hot Jungle That Is Virginia

It was hot today! After more than a week in cool, dry SoCal, I can definitely feel a difference. It's summer here! I really like the heat, so I don't mind at all. I was so cold in California.

I must admit, though, that running in Anaheim and San Diego was a breeze. I could just keep going and going because there was no humidity and the temperature was moderately warm to cool and crisp. I'm wondering whether I can run 10 miles here right now, or if I can even run what became an "easy" 5 or 6 miles like I did there. I would probably be in better shape if I lived somewhere where the weather was ideal for outdoor exercise. But it'll be cool like that here in a month or so. Then I'll have a couple of months of good running weather.

Now that I'm back, it's "get my s*** together" time! I'm still a bit congested so I didn't run today. Tomorrow, I'm going to walk my usual commute (2-3 miles). I want to run a nice long run on Saturday morning and a shorter run on Sunday so I'm taking it easy.

Well, I'm going to leave you with some nice pics from the most beautiful city in the U.S. (even though it's cold in the summer, LOL)!


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