Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hungrier and Hungrier

I ran 5 miles today at the gym. I could actually have done more, but lately I've been getting blisters that start to really hurt at around mile 3.5! Could it be the shoes? the socks? Today's blister annoyance was disappointing because I truly felt like I was in "the zone," just like when I ran the 10 miles in CA. Who knows how far I could have gone had my left foot not been on fire. I felt like I could have run on and on and on. Anyway, 5 miles (plus my 2-mile walk to the metro) isn't so bad.

Now that I've been running pretty much every other day, sometimes even on consecutive days, and now that I've added mileage, I've noticed more than just the blisters. I've been ravenous. I actually feel like I've gained a little weight since I started training for this half-marathon! I caught a glimpse of myself in the locker room mirror today and I looked puffy. Maybe it's just me. I'll weigh myself sometime this week. Before I went to CA, I didn't weigh anymore than the usual 150. My clothes still fit fine, just a little differently, tighter in some places and looser in others. My body's probably just shape shifting because of the change in my exercise level and eating habits.

I really want to be lean. But I know I have to work on the willpower. I have to be OK with being hungrier and lose the need to satiate that hunger ALL THE TIME.



Mark on August 31, 2010 at 9:29 PM said...

I used to get blisters, but using cushioned insoles solved the problem. Do your trainers fit properly?

If you exercise a lot, you will be hungrier. Not only are you burning calories when you workout, your metabolism will be elevated. Are you getting enough water? :)

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