Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally Succumb

I finally succumb to the cold that my body's been wanting to get for the past week and half.

You know what I mean. You start feeling a little off. Maybe you get a headache and a tickle in your throat, but you can't really call yourself sick. The days go on and you start feeling more tired than usual, and you wake up with a stuffy nose a couple of times. Then BAM! One day, it hits your full force. You're sick. Your nose is stuffy, your head hurts, and you can't taste anything.

That's what happened to me this morning. And throughout the day, it only got worse. At work, they called it the California Cold since whenever someone comes home from a California conference, they get a cold. My boss, who's an avid runner, asked me if I'd added miles to my run lately. I told her I ran quite a bit on the trip and that I ran 10 miles and several 5 milers. She said that when you add a significant number of miles, your immune system weakens for a while. I don't know if this is true, but she's been running forever and does half-marathon distances for her weekend runs! So maybe I have some sort of mutation of the California Cold and the Runners Cold. Who knows. All I know is that I feel terrible and haven't run in 3 days, and I don't think I'll be running tomorrow either. Bummer.

Running is such a tension reliever and stress reducer for me that I'm really disappointed in how my weekend runs are ruined because of the fact that I can barely breath and I feel like complete s***.

I have two freelance opportunities in the works so I'll have more time to work on that. They don't pay anywhere near as much as the freelance job I lost, but it's something. I still need to streamline everything though. Tomorrow I'm going to the jewelry exchange to try and hock my diamond watch. I hope they buy it and I hope they pay me something close to what I want. Then, I'm going to go to the mall to shop for a new cell phone carrier. I use Verizon now, and it's really expensive and I don't even have data or a smartphone. My cell pone is a 4-year-old LG flip phone and I'm paying $86 a month, sometimes more!

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow! Hopefully I'll accomplish something that will bring me some relief about my financial situation.



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