Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Day in San Diego

Today was my last day in San Diego. As much as I love this city, I'm glad that I'm heading into the last leg of my trip. I'm headed back to Anaheim tomorrow afternoon, back to that gawd-awful couch for two more nights. I feel like I've been in California forever, but at the same time it went by in the blink of an eye. I'll miss my family when I leave :(

On my way from the trolley to the convention center, I also watched a little bit of a half-marathon that was going on downtown. I wish I could have ditched my suit and bag and joined in! I can't wait until the Disney Princess Half in February!

But I do have so much to do when I get back, including starting that new freelance gig, get my finances in good shape, and get ready to head to Wisconsin for Labor Day weekend. I can't believe it's Labor Day weekend already. I hate to see summer go. It's my favorite season, especially when it's hot like it's been. I hate cold weather.

I didn't run this morning because my chest felt slightly congested. Tomorrow morning before we drive back, I'm going to go for a short 4 miler. We're not going to Universal Hollywood anymore because we got lazy, LOL. I'm glad because then I can try for another 10 miler on Tuesday morning! I love running to Downtown Disney! Running back home usually consists of a treadmill or some boring run around the neighborhood. But now that I've really upped my mileage, I'm going to run out further, toward more interesting things.

Oh and I hid my comments because I got tired of seeing a huge goose egg after all my posts. You can still leave a comment, though, if you feel so inclined. I know my life's not all that interesting. But journaling has been helpful to me in not only my training but also in getting my thoughts out there. They make more sense when I see them written out :-)



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