Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lack of an Appetite? Me?

Today I wasn't hungry---at all. I woke up early to get downtown for the first day of the conference. I had a bowl of raisin bran with milk and come coffee and a red delicious apple from the continental breakfast. When I got to the conference, my head started pounding and my throat was feeling really raw. So, I took a Sudafed to get me through the morning.

Then, I lost my appetite for the rest of the day. My coworker brought me a red velvet cupcake from Heavenly Cupcake in the Gaslamp Quarter, but I only ate a little of it, and that's just because she took the trouble of buying it for me. I never throw cupcakes away! I know I should eat if I want to run in the morning, but I just don't feel like it.

I'm just so sick of "travel food." Travel food is food I eat when I'm away, which usually consists of too many calories and sodium. When I first got to California, my brother and parents took me to so many restaurants and I really enjoyed it. But now, it's just too much. I'm homesick for my bed and my routine. And I'm crabby from eating poorly and being a little sick.

I know once I get home, I'll be glad to get back to my usual routine. But I also know that'll last about a week or two and then I'll start feeling lonely and restless again. That's how it usually is. I travel, I want to go home, I get restless and lonely, and I'll want to fly away again. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm a little crazy so it makes sense, LOL.

Tomorrow, I'm going for a run in the morning since I don't have to work until 1 pm. I'll do my best despite feeling under the weather. I don't have a chest cold, just a dry throat and sinuses, so it should be safe to run.

Anyway, I've got some work to finish and then off to bed.



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