Monday, July 19, 2010

Yet Another Day 1?

I wouldn't go that far.

I'm confident that I didn't venture too far away from my goals and am still very committed to reaching them, even more so now that my half-marathon training is well underway and I'm feeling the improvements in both cardio and endurance. I'm also going to do Mickey's Halloween Family Fun Run 5K on October 2 because I think it'll be fun and because I want to get an idea of what it's like to run through the Disney theme parks. And it's an excuse to go to Magic Kingdom!

I've been on vacation for a week and I have to confess that I ate with what can only be called sweet abandon, which has led to "morning-after regret" of sorts in that I gained almost 5 lb. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I think that if I hadn't had a stellar exercise/running week while I was in Florida, I would have probably gained even more! But I know (because I definitely FEEL) that a lot of it are the effects of too much sugar and sodium, especially sodium!

I don't have any pictures of food today because I'm always a little disorganized when I just get home from a trip, so I didn't pack my camera. But I am using my Weight Watchers online tools again (for now) and tracking my points, even though I HATE tracking points. I feel like I can't eat enough healthy foods because all these points add up so fast! For example, I ate a lot of Rainer cherries (they were only $3.48 a BOX in Orlando, as opposed to $7.99 per/lb here, so I ate A LOT of them) and a whole sweet juicy mango (that was $.055 each in Orlando, as opposed to $1.99 per/lb here) for a snack and it cost me 6 (SIX!!) points. I ate a salad and a whole-grain roll from the Whole Foods salad bar, which totaled up to 9 (NINE!!) points. The salad consisted of mixed greens, a tablespoon of crumbled feta, and about half a plain chicken breast with 2 tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette. I had low-fat waffles with two slices of turkey bacon for breakfast and that was 5.5 points. For dinner, I stuck with some pretzels and a can of that Progresso 1-point Italian meatball soup, which doesn't taste terrible, but I would have rather had more salad or maybe some grilled chicken breast. I went over my daily points, but I still have those Flex Points I can use. And I'm sure I'll accumulate a lot of Activity Points.

I do realize that I can eat those healthy foods when I'm not trying to lose weight. After all, everyone should be (or at least try to be) eating healthy, even if they aren't trying to lose weight. But I also know that there needs to be some kind of deficit in caloric intake in order for there to be a loss. So I'm going to try to stick to using this tool for now because I do have a big appetite, especially when I'm working out.

Today was the beginning of week 3 of my half-marathon training program. It was a Strength & Stretch day, so I took it easy and walked about 4 miles throughout the day (commuting). I was just so tired and achy this morning from the 2 days of traveling that I could not get to the gym.

Tomorrow is a 3.5-mile run, which I will get up early for and complete!



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