Friday, July 9, 2010

Cruisin' Down 95... Orlando, Florida! But for now, I'm settled down in Florence, South Carolina, for the night.

Eating healthy while traveling is not easy, especially on a long road trip. Highway billboards boast "Porterhouse Steaks for $9.99!" and "All You Can Eat Fried Chicken and Biscuits!" not to mention the countless fast-food stops at practically every exit. McDonalds, Wendys, Hardees, Bojangles. They all sound great when you're stuck in an overpacked minivan with your senior parents and a couple of pugs. Oh, and can I mention that my mom packs a huge shopping bag full of a variety of snacks? Can I also mention that we MUST buy pork rinds from every southern quick-stop store below the Virginia border because, of course, pork-rind quality increases exponentially the farther south you go?

I've been making this trip down to Orlando for 10 years, ever since my parents bought their house. And there have been times when I would snack the entire way down. My brother and I would buy candy from gas stations and treat ourselves to plastic-wrapped pastries late into the night (because my dad used to drive the entire way down nonstop---16 hours!).

The past few years, though, I've been flying more often than driving, but when I do go via minivan, I pack my own healthy snacks to satisfy my need to eat.

Today's Eats

I went to the gym early this morning and ran my scheduled 3 miles and worked on my triceps, pecs, and deltoids. I burned about 560 calories.

For my postworkout breakfast, I stopped at McDonalds on the way to my parents' house for an iced nonfat sugar-free vanilla latte and an Egg McMuffin without cheese.

Once we hit the road, I passed out for a little while and woke up to munch half an ear of yellow corn.

 ...and some cantaloupe.

After listening to a couple of hours of The Best of Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink, I had a boiled egg and a farmers' market peach.

 I also had a Zone Perfect bar for dessert.

By dinnertime we were in North Carolina, and I saw this at North Carolina Exit 97!

I had to at least try some authentic Carolina BBQ. I ordered the BBQ Platter, which came with shredded chicken, boiled potatoes, coleslaw, and fried okra. Very southern, just how I like it!

Don't worry, I didn't eat all of that! I pretty much just skimmed off the top of everything. It was SO good! I also have to confess that I tried a little bit of the fried chicken my parents got for themselves---but just a little, I promise!

And there you have it. Day 1 of dining down 95 south. I ran, ate my healthy snacks, and still enjoyed some regional delights. I mean, come on, it's fried okra!

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day for running, which is just as well because there isn't anywhere to run around the hotel. But I'll be sure to take some fabulous pics of the quintessential midlevel-hotel-chain free continental breakfast!

Time for bed!



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