Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to Reality!

And the reality is that I need to get my eating back on track after a week-long, delicious vacation. Thinking about it, there are some things I ate that I regret eating, like fried chicken, a McDonald's Happy Meal, and random candy. Those are all foods I don't usually eat, and I don't really even crave or like them. But I ate them because 1) they were convenient (the worst reason for eating certain foods) and 2) I was on vacation mode and felt like it was a treat. But why do we sometimes see foods we don't even like as treats? Is it because they're "forbidden" foods? Is it because we forget how bad we feel after we eat them?

There are foods that I don't regret eating because, to me, they are treats. I don't regret the cupcakes because they were so delicious, and I can only get them in Orlando. I don't regret trying out that Carolina BBQ place and trying fried liver and gizzards and fried okra because I'd never tried them before. They're added to the list of foods I'll try once but don't really need to eat again. They were OK, but I don't generally like fried foods. TMI, but I don't have a gallbladder anymore so they sometimes upset my stomach. I don't regret the vanilla Stoli and Diet Cokes at Universal City Walk because I was having a good time, there was dancing, and there was music. I really miss dancing. I haven't gone to a bar or club in years! I only get to go when my parents take me in Orlando, if you can believe it!

But tomorrow, it's back to eating healthy!

Well, I've gotta unpack catch up on some TV!



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