Saturday, July 10, 2010

FINALLY in Florida!

 After over 24 hours on the road (and eating on the road), I'm finally here in Orlando! Oddly enough, it's cooler here than how it was when I left Virginia! My internet is a little spotty so I thought I'd post now that I have it and keep my fingers crossed that it works the whole week!

Today I promised a pic of the dreaded continental breakfast!

It was raisin bran with reduced-fat milk, a half a bagel with light cream cheese and Smuckers, and one hard-boiled egg for protein. I was hungry this morning! I find that on rest days (from exercise), I am hungrier even though I burn less calories. Maybe it's that "I'm on a break" mentality because I was hungry all day.

As evidenced in:

But, I also stopped in Georgia for none other than some fresh Georgia peaches! They were so sweet and juicy!

Tonight we're taking my dad to karoake at Universal City Walk for his 65th birthday, which is today! I'll be sure to take some performance pics and post them, along with a more interesting post (hopefully!) tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also my long run for the week: 4 miles and NO MORE SOUTHERN FRIED ANYTHING!



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