Friday, July 16, 2010

One More Night

I'm writing with a clear mind, so maybe this post will be a little more upbeat! It's my last night in Orlando. Tomorrow, midmorning, we're heading back to Virginia. Even though I hate to leave, there are some things I miss about my lonely little overpriced-and-underwater condo. I miss my bed the most. I miss having 800-thread count sheets and all of my down pillows piled around me when I sleep. I even miss the groove my body's carved out on the right side of the bed. I miss falling asleep to reruns of Family Guy and King of the Hill on Adult Swim. I do miss those things.

And I miss eating healthy, clean foods, working out, and losing weight! I'm hoping to break even when I weigh in again. But I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a pound or two. I exercised every single day I was down here and burned over 500 (sometimes over 600) calories each time. I honestly don't think I've ever logged so many miles in 1 week! I know running daily is making me more fit. My heart rate takes longer to reach my target each time, and 3 miles has become very doable. It used to be such a chore.

That's the crazy thing. I have so much time to exercise here, but I also have so much time to eat junk! If I ran daily at home AND ate my usual healthy meals, I would be a calorie-burning, weight-losing machine! I need to commit myself to my half-marathon training schedule and eat well. If I do that, I'm sure I'll FINALLY lose those stubborn 15 pounds instead of taking one step forward and two steps back all the time.

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but since I can't workout on Sunday because we'll be on the road, I'll make that my rest day instead. Today I ran an easy 2 miles, walked a mile, and did some arm work. Tomorrow, before we leave, I'm going to run my long run (4 miles). That's 2 weeks of the 12-week training program done!

If I can get back here in the beginning of October, I might want to try Mickey's Halloween Family Fun Run 5K just so I can get more race experience. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Today, after my workout, I had some of the cereal I've been eating because we need to finish up the milk.

Then, for lunch, we went to the Asiantown and had Pho.

Aaannnddd of course there was a bakery that I needed to check out!

There, I bought a taro sweet bun, which was delish! Taro is a root. I can only describe it as being similar to a sweet potato. It's purple and probably 100% carb. You can also sometimes find taro tart yogurt at those new tart yogurt places, like Yogurtland, popping up everywhere.

Well I'm off to pack and cry about leaving (haha)!
Tomorrow I'll be writing from Florence, South Carolina! Woohoo.


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