Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Hot One!

It’s another 100+ degree day in my neck of the woods, but you won’t hear any complaints from me, not with flashbacks from Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon, the Blizzards of 2010 still haunting me. I can still feel the sting of the wind gusts on my face as I shoveled foot after foot of snow onto a glacier of a snow bank in front of my parents’ house.
Picture on the left: From my parents' window during the second blizzard in a week. On the left you can see the top of their mailbox. That's it, just the top! Oh, and we lost power for 2 days.

Picture on the right: That's my uncle after shoveling for hours. He's nearly 6 feet tall!

So, no, you won't hear me complain about the heat wave, nope not me! It’s interesting that after a record-breaking snowy winter, we’re now having a near record-breaking summer.

This morning I was all set to go to the gym and run my scheduled 2 miles, but when the alarm went off I woke up with a headache that pounded like a herd of elephants and have been queasy and unsettled all day. So I decided to take it easy. I wouldn't be surprised if I am a touch dehydrated because of the heat. What I didn't tell you is that I walk outside 2 miles a day as part of my commute. I love the sun and heat and being out in it, but I have to confess that I don't drink enough water. I feel a lot better now and WILL get up tomorrow and run my scheduled 3 miles at the gym AND drink enough water!

Today's Eats ( I ate a little dirty today)

For breakfast I ate the same thing as yesterday. This is a really satisfying breakfast, although I know it wouldn't hurt to include more protein. Eggs are a great source of protein for breakfast. So once I finish these waffles up (and go buy some eggs!), eggs are next on the menu.

For lunch, it was too hot to walk the six blocks to Whole Foods, so I made up for my protein-deficient breakfast with a cup of chili from Quiznos and the same turkey sandwich as yesterday. I know it's probably boring to see me eat the same things, so I'll try to remember to mix it up on my next grocery trip! Expect to see exotic fruits, vegetables, and healthy recipes in posts to come.

See those jalapenos? I plop them right into the cup of chili so it's nice and HOT! Queasy stomach or not, I love spicy food. It's like lava going down. I hate not eating veggies (unless jalapenos count because they're green!), but, like I said, it wasn't an ideal eating day.

Later in the afternoon, I was feeling snacky so I had a handful of these:

For dinner I grazed on some fresh finds from the Wednesday Farmers Market by my office. I ate a couple of these:

 Half an ear of peaches-and-cream sweet corn:

 Then headed out to the mall for some refreshing, cool, tart, taro-flavored probiotic yogurt with fresh fruit:

All in all I didn't eat badly, but I didn't eat as well as I could and should have. There was too much of some things and not enough of others. I think the important thing is that even though I didn't feel quite like myself all day, I didn't use it as an excuse to overeat. There's nothing wrong with eating food (or even overeating) every once in a while (and I definitely do!), but when it becomes a crutch and when everything becomes an excuse to lose control, it becomes less about the joy of food and more like wanting to mindlessly eat to fill a void. I respect food and all the pleasure of eating it too much to treat it and use it like a drug. 

Goodnight! Gotta get up and go to the gym!



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