Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Golly!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I loved running in my parents' neighborhood down here in Orlando. Their neighborhood is a gated community that has several small ponds and one large lake. It's designed as a mile-long loop, so it's perfect for running and easy to keep track of how far I've gone and how far I still have to go without checking my iPod, allowing me to enjoy the scenery.

This morning, my running schedule called for either a 2-mile run or any other type of exercise. I chose any other type of exercise because I simply didn't want to run this morning. I needed to change it up a little so I decided to go for a walk. I walked 3.5 miles (well, I strolled and took picture for half a mile!) in an hour and burned 250 calories.

Here are some shots of my favorite "track:"

And, of course, beware of the gators!


After my walk, I didn't really have much of an appetite so all I had was one slice of light wheat bread and sardines. I know it sounds gross, but I eat gross things sometimes! I didn't really feel hungry for lunch, but I did snack on some rainier cherries and mango.

For lunch we went to a Chinese restaurant that is known for it's hot and sour soup.

And some shrimp with garlic sauce with about a half cup of rice (it was white rice, yuck).

But the highlight of the day was going to Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Molly! This cupcakery actually won Food Network's Cupcake Wars!

Where I bought these!

These are mini cupcakes in (clockwise) carrot cake, high hat, tiramisu, and strawberry with cream cheese filling. I ate the strawberry and carrot cake. These are tiny, so they're just the right size to satisfy my sweet tooth without going too far overboard.

I love Florida, but I'm looking forward to getting back to Whole Foods salads! Too many treats, no matter how moderate, really make me feel like YUCK!

Tomorrow is a 3-miler day with strength! Perfect to sweat those cupcakes out of my system!



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