Monday, March 28, 2011

Preparing for a Trip

Once again conference season is here. Luckily, this year I've managed to keep business travel down to 4 trips. I gave away my fifth trip (to Phoenix) so that I can run in the Race for the Cure 5K. But I do have to go to San Diego on Saturday for a week (with a little stop in Anaheim first).

I've been doing really well and getting really motivated about my "spring training" and have lost a couple of pounds and have really upped my workouts (5 days last week!). Even though I admit that I do eat a little more on the weekends, I'm definitely on a roll. So, naturally, with the change up in my routine during my trip, I'm worried about backsliding and undoing all the good I've done the past couple of weeks. There are SO MANY good things to eat in California (Sees Candies, Sprinkles Cupcakes, fish tacos, fish and chips, fresh hot tortillas, and chips and salsa, just to name a few things I enjoy).

So, I'm already prepping myself and making a plan for when I'm there.

1. I'm making travel food/snacks: The cross-country flight will take forever, and I know that I get suckered into eating airport junk (hello candy and Wetzels Pretzels!), especially when I'm tired and sleepy (I have a 6 am flight). To combat this temptation (and huge waste of money), I've already purchased a cantaloupe and some kiwi to dehydrate. Dehydrating them will make them easier to eat, without worrying about the mess of eating juicy fruits. Plus, they really do taste like candy when dehydrated, so it'll be a sweets fix. I'll also pack a healthy sandwich to eat for lunch during my layover. When I get to Anaheim, I'll be met by my parents and brother, so I know we'll eat out. Luckily, my brother is on yet another health kick. And there are plenty of healthy choices in SoCal. You just have to actually CHOOSE them! What's really hard to resist are the between-meal treats, like the beignets and hot salted caramel popcorn at Downtown Disney (YUM). I'm pumping myself up to keep healthy and motivated!

2. I have a workout plan: This week, I'm going to get 4 workouts in. I would like to get 5 in, but realistically I think I'll have too many errands to run on Friday night after work to get one more in before I leave. But I do usually exercise when I go to Cali anyway (except for the rare occasion it rains). While in Anaheim, I get in some great runs to and from my brother's place and Disneyland. It's a good 9 or so miles roundtrip. Here's hoping I can still do 9 miles! Then, in San Diego, I have a usual route I like to run that's about 5 miles roundtrip. So I'm going to get some running in at least a few times.

3. Allow myself a treat or two: I'm all about getting into great shape for the summer, but I'm not into feeling deprived or not enjoying life every now and then. So, if I want the salmon tacos one night, I will have them. I'll ask for sauce on the side and pass on the chips. Because believe me, there is nothing like fish tacos from San Diego. I'm not a Mexican food fan. In fact it's my least favorite food. But when I'm in San Diego, the Mexican food is just so good and fresh, especially the seafood. I'm not, however, going to eat things that I can eat any old place, like candy, chips, and junk like that. I also (purposefully) gave up Sees Candies for Lent. I also gave up meat and haven't had any since before Ash Wednesday, so that's another thing I can't gorge myself on. No burgers and no fatty sandwiches from places like Panera or Corner Bakery. If I can't keep a promise to myself, I can a least do a better job of keeping one for God. There are also these little tiny mangoes that I found last April when I was in Anaheim for a conference that I LOVE. They are literally the size of a Cadbury Creme egg or smaller and are so sweet! But hey that's a fruit so give me a break!

I think I'll do fine. The hot weather will be here soon and I dread feeling uncomfortable in my skin when that time comes. Another motivation for me is that I have a few girlfriends, whom I've know forever. We plan these "theme dinners," like this past Saturday we had an 80s night and got all dressed up and listened to NKOTB. The next one is our 90s (because our proms were in the early to mid-1990s) prom night, where we have to wear our actual old prom dresses. Yeah, It would be nice to actually fit into it!


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