Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So What's Next

So, what's next on the agenda for this year?

My first goal (Princess Half-Marathon) has been successfully accomplished!

It just goes to show that keeping your eyes on the prize really does work in terms of accomplishing something you set out to do (if only that it's as easy when it comes to losing this pesky chub!). I've always had trouble making a real committment to things I can easily get out of, like vowing to clean more, to eat less, to stop spending money, to stop wasting food, etc. These are all resolutions and goals that, in the past, I've found a way to get out of accomplishing, a way of "reasoning" it out to death or using the umbrella excuse "I'm too busy to think about that right now."

I think that setting goals is very healthy, mentally and physically, even if they are just small goals. So I'm going to jot down some things, both big and small, I'd like to get done in the near future.

1. Get back to working out AND LIKING IT. That's the key: and liking it. Lately, working out has been like pulling teeth. And I've felt the effects of the lack of regular exercise physically and mentally. I'm more anxious, more down and out, and more tense and negative these days. But when you're feeling blue, you don't want to work out, so it's that vicious cycle that could go on and on until I firmly decide to break it.

2. Stop acting like I'm too old for it to matter. I think a lot of my lack of motivation lies in some subconsious belief that I'm 33 and I'm too old to enjoy some vanity, that I shouldn't be concerned with being pretty anymore because the time for wanting to be hot has passed. Not so! Why do I matter less to myself now than I did 10 years ago?

3. Beat my 5K time from last year's Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. This is a doable concrete goal. Last year, I finished the 5K at about 34 minutes. That's my average 5K speed for road races. I want to finish in 30 minutes.

4. Pay off my little credit card debts. I have two credit cards with about $500 each on them and a Bill Me Later account that I use for travel that has about $500 on it. I want to pay these off by the summer. This would be more doable if I didn't owe a couple Ks for taxes :(

Those are all little things that I would like to do. Now for the big things that will take a little more work.

1. Get a good job I like that pays well. I want to minimize the freelancing and just get one good job.

2. Go to Rome, Italy (or any where in Europe). I travel a lot, but domestic travel is getting old. I need to see someplace that isn't just another cookie cutter city or suburb.

3. See a Broadway show. I used to go to NYC all the time. But lately no one wants to go anymore :( And Brian doesn't live here and the logistics to plan out a trip like that would be hard. There a lots of places I want to go with him, but the situation doesn't allow for that kind of thing. I don't really want to go into it right now on this blog.

4. Appreciate the life I have and focus on the things I can do instead of the things I can't, or focus on what I have versus what I don't. This is the hardest goal.


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