Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beans and Chocolate

So I tried out a recipe from Now Eat This! like I said I would yesterday. First, although I said I was going to try and make the chocolate chip cookies, I realized when I got home that I had more of the ingredients for the brownies (also made with beans).

Yeah, so I followed the directions exactly (except I substituted the sour cream for some Chobani Greek yogurt I had that was nearing its "use by" date). And they smelled great as they baked. When I pulled them out of the oven the chocolately aroma filled my entire condo and I was so excited to try these new healthy brownies.

Well, let's just say that a brownie is a brownie and beans are beans. And you can shape beans into brownies, but what you'll get are chocolatey bean paste squares. Maybe I did it wrong or maybe it's supposed to taste like that. But I consider my attempt at this recipe a FAIL. The texture is gag worthy. So, I'm going to NOT make bean desserts (unless it's a real bean dessert and not some bait-and-switch number like these brownies) anymore and just stick to eating the real deal in moderation or as a special treat.

My next culinary project is dehydrated kale chips! I have a really nice dehydrator that I haven't used in eons. But when I was in Whole Foods the other day, I saw these plastic containers of dehydrated kale chips selling for $7.49 for a small container. I love kale chips and I usually make them in the oven, but they wilt after a while. So I'm hoping dehydrating them will keep them crispy, at least until I can eat them at lunch at work. For those of you with dehydrators, let me suggest dehydrating cantalope. SO DELICIOUS!

On the workout front, I can't begin to tell you how exercising regularly has helped with my mood! I feel so much better since I started working out again last week! And my arms are so sore! I forgot how good that postworkout soreness feels. Sure, I ran for miles and miles while I was training, but I never got sore. I just got hurt (knees, achilles, plantar fascia, blisters, etc.). It's kind or nice to not feel compelled to run every week. I ran once last week (4 miles). This week, I don't think I'm going to get a run in, and that's ok. My next race isn't until June and it's a 5 K, so I think I'm going into semi running retirement for the time being. I'm sure I'll start to crave it again soon. But for now, it's not my workout of choice.

Tonight will be my third day in a row of exercise. Tomorrow I plan on some Zumba. Friday I have to take my puggy to the vet for some shots. Saturday is cardioresistance class. That's 5 days this week.


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