Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coast to Coast for 2012

Brian, since you said you're tired of hearing about this, you should probably stop reading now. But the blogosphere and those who are interested in such matters might still be :-)

Yeah, so I'm not going to go for the Disney Coast-to-Coast medal this year. I'm truly bummed. I was riding the high of finishing the Princess Half-Marathon and so psyched to head out to Anaheim and get that Coast to Coast. But then the logistics got in the way. It's Labor Day weekend. It's a cross-country flight. Gas prices, as well as airline fares, are climbing. Enough said.

The cheapest it would cost me to get the medal is at least $700. That would mean I would have to forgo a hotel room and crash on my brother's awful, awful "couch" in his tiny, ash-tray-smelling studio apartment in Anaheim. That couch always gives me a back ache. Not a good thing if you're going to run 13.1 miles at the crack of dawn. It's just not doable. I have a lot of other things I need that money for in the upcoming months, like other trips and vacations (haha!). But seriously, I need to pay taxes and a go on a few trips and can't afford to blow that much money on one thing. Now if I win the Mega Millions tomorrow. I'm definately going!

If I had more self-confidence I would have scrimped and saved for this the past 9 months. But I highly doubted myself and that I would finish the Princess. So I didn't prepare for the possibility that I could go to Disneyland.

That's the lesson, kids. Always believe YOU CAN until you actually CAN'T. Preemptive strikes against your own potential makes for a lame story. End topic.

But I am gung ho about getting into spring and summer shape. I purged my closest this weekend and saw all my cute summer clothes just waiting to be worn! And I want to be in as good a shape or better than I was last summer before I even attempt to wear them again. The Medifast thing is going fine. It's just the springboard I needed to get back to the eating clean/exercising mindset.

Today I'm going to go to the gym and go for my first post-race run. My knees were not all that great the past week or so, so I'm hoping they are ready tonight!


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