Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fitter and Fatter

The past 9 months I was really focused on my first half-marathon, and in fact I started this blog to track my training, although that didn't happen. But now that that goal has been met (YAY!), it's time to move on to the next goal.

Getting back my muscle tone and losing my fat gut.

I've never heard of anyone gaining weight from training for a run before. It actually seems absurd to me. But I managed to do it. I got fitter and fatter?? Seriously, my lung capacity and cardio fitness from all the running I've been doing has never been better, and I'm quite proud of that accomplishment. The problem is that running also makes me ravenous, and no matter how many hundreds of calories I burned running, I would follow it up with double in food afterward, especially after the long distance runs. I craved carbs all the time! and now I'm paying for it.

Yes, I am fitter and fatter. Sigh.

With spring and summer coming up, I need to get this pudge off so I can run around in tank tops and shorts without feeling like a pudgeball. A Facebook friend recently started Medifast and has lost 20 lb in a month. I don't expect those results (although I would LOVE it), but I do want a jump start so I signed up for 2 weeks worth of Medifast to kick start my weightloss. 

I think that the 2 weeks getting back into disciplined eating and getting rid of some water weight will be a good start and motivate me to start eating clean again. 

The package is supposed to arrive today and I plan on starting it on Saturday. Here we go!


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