Monday, March 21, 2011

Muddling Through

Something's got me down in the dumps. 

The thing is, though, when we're faced with negative thoughts, we can either surrender to the gloom and doom and give up all hope. Or we can fight for every little glimmer of hope and in time put all those little points of light together and make life shine again. Like the prayer says, "Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

I'm a lucky person. If a little chub is my biggest problem right now, I should be tarred and feathered for complaining about it! If my biggest problem is that I feel lonely sometimes and have to resort to watching Redbox or Fearnet movies on a 62-inch screen alone, or if my biggest problem is feeling like a failure sometimes because I have this notion that my life isn't where it should be and I have to resort to retail therapy and maybe a bottle of nice red wine, then I should be put in the stocks! The horror! There's a whole world of suffering out there that doesn't even begin to touch my privileged little life, suffering that makes my petty complaints and disgruntled ramblings self-centered to say the least. So things suck sometimes. So things don't go as WE planned. I just have to remember that my life is going according to plan (just not MY plan!) and that everyone's personal life experience is unique. Although we walk through this world with other people, no one really shares our particular path. We walk that walk alone, from birth to death. Anyway, I digress...

On to lighter more on-topic (with regard to the theme of this blog) news:

The good news is that I did find some fitness-related motivation while I was out shopping for new workout shoes (all I have are running shoes and I desperately needed new training shoes). I went to Marshalls, a discount store that had a whole bunch of spring things out. There were some really cute clothes. I remember a couple of years ago and even last year just buying whatever I wanted because I felt good about how I looked. A few extra pounds really puts a damper on the shopping experience because I really didn't feel like anything would look good. There was a top that would've been something I'd buy in an instant, but I felt like it wouldn't do much for my flabby deflated arms. So I put it down and walked out of the the store without anything cute. And you know what? That little bummer moment became a point of light for me. I WANTED the top. It was only $15. I felt bad about myself and didn't buy it. That's not an experience that I particularly care for. As you know, I'm not into extravagant spending anymore so the loss of this cute, yet inexpensive, top really did it for me.

My goal for the week is to workout 5 times and lose 2 lbs.



Anonymous said...

Seriously?!You know you are cheating yourself at the end of the day.Suck it up there are worst things in life!Smells like a break up has been in the works for a while & u were trying to hold on to him.Let him go.If you r finding yourself alone then hes not worth your time.Focus on your life!Life is too precious.
Positivity no Pessimism=Success!!!

Deedah on March 22, 2011 at 6:24 AM said...


First, I don't know where you got all of that, but obviously you've come to some very unsupported conclusions. Let me break it down for you. First, the post "Muddling Through," in fact, reiterates that fact that yes, sometimes life is frustrating for any number of reasons. Introduce me to someone who has NEVER felt frustration! It’s part of the human experience. But we can submerge ourselves in self-doubt and fear and gloom OR, as the post says, we can look at what we DO HAVE, as stated in the sentence "I'm a lucky person. If a little chub is my biggest problem right now, I should be tarred and feathered for complaining about it!" It seems like the semantics of this entire paragraph has been lost on you if you think I was just moaning and groaning about all manner of "whoa is me." Please ask a friend to explain it to you if you need to.

Second, where in ANY of my previous posts (if you've even read them) do I say anything about breaking up with my boyfriend. We are in a long-distance relationship right now. And yes, many people don't believe that can work. But you know what? It does work for us. I’m not going into detail about my relationship on this blog. But we still love each other and are happy with each other (and yes, I can speak for the both of us) even though it's hard to be apart from the one you love. And yes, I complain about it sometimes. Again, loneliness = human experience. Ask any wife or husband or significant other of any military or anyone who has to live apart from the ones they love. Should they break up too because they get lonely sometimes or because they complain about missing their loved ones? Do you really thing that it’s not worth it to love someone just because you can’t see them everyday? If it's inconceivable for you to understand that love can withstand distance, then I'm sorry that you've never experienced that kind enduring love. I’m sorry that love isn’t worth that kind of effort for you. But no, there is no break-up in the works. Sorry, you won’t get that kind of drama here.

Third, I do focus on my life, hence the blog ABOUT ME and my efforts at fitness. I just trained for and RAN a half-marathon. It takes a lot of focus and commitment to train and prepare for something like that, especially for a novice. In addition, I’ve written entire posts about MY GOALS, which have nothing to do with anyone other than myself.

So, seriously?!

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