Friday, September 24, 2010


This week, I took a little hiatus from running and working out. It might be the change of seasons or just plain old bordom or exhaustion, but my body just didn't want to exercise, at least not strenuously. My knees have been sore for over a week, and my morning run this past Tuesday literally made it hard to stand up for long periods without leaning on something for the next couple of days after that.

Physically, I wouldn't be surprised if the dwindling daylight hours are starting to affect me also. I do notice a change in my energy and moods in the fall and into the winter (even though today is supposed to be a record-breaking 96 DEGREES!) I have a diagnosed vitamin D deficiency, which I'm supposed to be on prescription supplements for, but I don't take them (I know, bad). I should probably start, especially since my outdoor time will be less and less in the coming weeks and months. My knees are probably affected by my overall lack of energy because I probably don't run in proper form.

Mentally, I don't know how to kick start my motivation. I'm bored with my fitness and eating routines, so that it's making me lazy, which in turn makes me feel terrible about myself. And I've been so exhausted with my new freelance work that I don't have the time to think of ways to change things up. I'm literally working from the minute I get to work until the time I go to bed, which is quite late, as well as for a good portion of the weekends. I just feel so tired in my head after all is said and done that the last thing I want to do is exhaust myself physically as well. Sigh.

I know it's about getting adjusted to a new routine and figuring out a mental schedule for things. I'm still very lucky to have such a problem as too much work when there are those who have no work at all. I'm lucky that I got a freelance job just as my old freelance gig decided to lay me off. I'm actually still getting work from them until December, which is great. God never closes a door on me without opening a window, even if it's just a crack at first. I'm thankful for that.

I'm just having a tough time fitting everything in everyday. I know, I know, wait until I have kids to come home to AND try and workout and do freelancing. Then I'll be STRESSED! :-)

I wish so much that I could take a break and go to Orlando (without any freelance to do) for a few days and run in the mornings in my parents' neighborhood and not think of a single thing other than what mile I'm on. This time last year, when I had more money and less work, I would have gone down there in a heartbeat (the tickets are $84 each way right now). Now, I think that the $180 (including taxes) would be better spent NOT running off to Florida on a whim, and I can't take a break from my freelance work because I'm still relatively new and training and don't know any of the people I correspond with very well yet.

Anyway, here's to next week being a better week. Oh wait, I'll be traveling to Denver for conference next week (and running a 5K next Saturday). So here's to getting it all done AND traveling.



Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit on September 24, 2010 at 9:42 AM said...

Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. Of course, mine's always saying "Grab some Cheetoes and let's watch a Mad Men marathon" so you do have to be careful about listening to your body too much...

Travel safe.

Gules on September 24, 2010 at 12:48 PM said...

I think it's very normal to have not only bad days, but even weeks and at times months ( as happened to me this past summer ). Oddly enough I've started running again after my hiatus in the summer since the cooler temperatures have allowed me to do so. I don't have enough Vitamin D or Iron. I take Vitamin D drops, which is better than swallowing another pill, and of course a supplement for Iron. I'm terrible at taking these most days, even though if I don't I know the result = no energy. Perhaps attending a class like a bootcamp, yoga, zumba, or whatever you like might make you excited to start working out again? Or if you have a DVD exercise video that you haven't done in the while. At least you won't have to leave home and can do it in between your freelance work. Good luck! Hopefully you'll be able to get back on track for next week.

Mark on September 24, 2010 at 12:52 PM said...

I've kinda lost my mojo too. I didn't run on Wednesday, but I forced myself to run today.

Good luck with the forthcoming 5K :)

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