Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still Waiting...

...story of my life.

But no job in Orlando yet, although I've applied to anything and everything. It might not be in the cards right now for one reason or another. I've decided to concentrate on paying off my credit cards first, leaving me with just my car payment (1 year left!) and mortgage. I'll be more flexible in my career when that happens because I won't be so focused on making as much money as I can to get by.

At least the weather's been hot here lately! I love it! It was 85 yesterday and will be again for the next 2 days! Then it's back to spring and the 70s. Hey, as long as it's not snow and above 60 degrees, I'm happy!

As for diet and fitness, things are going well. I can see the definition in my muscles starting to reappear and I don't feel quite as bloated and pudgy as I did this winter. Still a lot of work to do to get back to where I was, but the hot weather is VERY motivating! I love to wear cute tank tops, shorts, etc., in the summer because it's so hot around here. I don't want to feel inhibited once summer comes around. I want to feel cool and summery and not feel so self-conscious that I wear sweaty jeans and t-shirts the whole time like I did for pretty much most of my life, back when I was a lot heavier. I used to never wear tank tops or halter tops until about 5 years ago when I lost 35 lb. AND I don't want to buy all new summer clothes unless it's for fun and not because I'm too chubby for what I have. That's a total waste.

I have some fun trips coming up, too! I go to Milwaukee for a Brewers game in a couple of weeks. Then, I go to FL for Memorial Day weekend (for 5 days!). Then I have the Race for the Cure and a conference in Las Vegas for week! Then July 4th weekend I'm off to the Dells for my yearly wholesome Midwestern fun in the sun.

I'm also contemplating the new Tinkerbell Half-Marathon in Disneyland next January. It's a month before the Princess Half in Disney World, so I could possible get a coast to coast medal if I do both. But the question is whether I can run TWO half-marathons within 30 days! I have to admit that my body does NOT like to run. I love to run, but my body definitely doesn't share my passion for the sport. My brother (who lives in Anaheim) also sent me a link to the Long Beach Half and Full Marathon. He said he might want to try it. I'm trying to convince him to because he's quite obese, so I would love to see him get motivated to get in shape. I told him we could run/walk it together just so long as he does it. We'll see.


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