Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hotel Workout Improv

It's 7 am PST (10 am to me in my EST brain). So, I've been up since 4:30. Since I've been awake I've been searching the net for some free workout videos I can do here in the hotel room. Of course, as luck would have it, the hotel fitness center is closed for remodelling and I can't go for a run because my family is picking me up at 9 am to go to church.

But as I promised myself, I squeezed in 5 workouts this week for a total calorie burn of 2,500 calories, according to my heartrate monitor. I've been having trouble getting my heartrate up all week. I mean I'll be doing my workouts full force and not even get near my target heartrate of 172 bpm. I'm jumping around flailing all over the place just to reach 160, and that was tough enough! I've also noticed that my resting heartrate hovered around 54 bpm this week. I have a naturally low heartrate so I'm not alarmed about that, although sometimes it's a pain when you try and get in some good fat/calorie-burning cardio. It guess it got really low since I've been starting to workout again. It's really surprising to find that I've gotten a lot of my strength back after only a week and a half of working out consistently. I guess my muscles are starting to remember who's boss!

Anyway, back to searching for a workout. I ended up on and found a bunch of free full workouts. I finally decided on a kickboxing one that ran for 20 minutes. I upped my cardio a little by doing extra jumping jacks and squats and managed to get in a good workout for being in a hotel room. After that I took out my resistance band and did some toning. All in all I'm pleased with my workout this morning!

Tomorrow, I'm going for the big run from my hotel to Disney. It'll be about 7 miles roundtrip. I'm really excited and nervous about it though. I'm worried I've lost some running endurance and I would feel so disappointed about that. But hey, just because I've lost a little endurance doesn't mean I won't get it back, as I've learned with my strength. So I'm not going to berate myself if by chance I have to walk some of it. I know there's nothing wrong with walking during a run, but for some reason, I just loss momentum and feel disappointed in myself. I need to get over that, I know.

As for the eating, I did a pretty good job restraining myself during  my travels yesterday. I ate my oatmeal on the plane, I had my dehydrated fruit and some fresh grapes and other fruits as snacks throughout the day, I had hummus and a pita with a side salad for lunch. For dinner I had my FAVORITE peel-and-eat shrimp in a bag that seems to be popular here in the OC. I like this place called The Boiling Crab. SO good. There's ALWAYS a super long wait, but it's worth it if you like peel-and-eat seafood. I know there's probably a ton of salt  in the seasoning, but you win some you lose some. I'm not going to feel bad about eating some good seafood, especially when there's a whole lot worse I couldn't eaten. I went to Downtown Disney and not only did I not eat beignets, but I also didn't get any salty caramel popcorn. I did have a couple of my parents' Wetzels Pretzels bitz because by then it was feeling like it was way past dinner time (it was 4 pm PST, 7 EST) and I was getting munchy. Better the pretzels than the deep fried dough covered in powdered sugar, I say.

Anyway, I'm off to shower and get ready for my day. My head still feels a little off from travel and jet lag, so I'm sure it'll be a LONG day (or at least feel like one).


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