Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st Is a Monday and As Good a Day As Any to Get MyselfTogether

Well, here I am enjoying another fat summer. This is, like, the third summer in a row that I've been uncomfortably fat. Why can't I remember how much this sucks every year? I even worked out with a personal trainer all winter (taking a hiatus from her until I can take some of this weight off and get my cardio back on track) and did Zumba 3 to 4 days a week, but I ate like crap too, so it all went down the toilet. Really, nutrition is 80% of the game. You can workout all you want, but if you eat like crap it's pointless and the results are minimal.

Anyway, I think I've reached my limit of fatness this year and am finally, after many starts and stops, ready to get my shit together. I'm meeting a lot of new people (Travis's family and friends) and feel so self-conscious. That's not cool, and that's not me.

I know that eating clean and working out with weights was the only thing that was ever successful for me. It's a commitment to eat clean, buying the food and prepping. But I've been in the kitchen all weekend getting it done. I made some chicken breasts that I can eat in whole wheat wraps or make into salad. I have a ton of fresh fruits. I'm having a hard time getting the veggies in, so I might make green smoothies in the morning as a post workout stomach settler.

This morning I did the Ripped in 30 workout by Jillian Michaels. Man, is she annoying at 6 am! But it was only 20 minutes and it felt good to workout. I want to eventually workout more than just 20 minutes, but this is a start.

Anyway as for food today, I started the day off with some good ol' oats, mixed with water, with a banana and some cashew butter (which is NOT cheap by the way). I'm pretty broke these days because I no longer busting my ass working 21 jobs. It's nice to be less stressed, but I'm also much less able to throw money around. It's been interesting having no money I tell you what!

For the mid-morning snack, I've got some strawberries and my favorite tiny mangoes. And for lunch, I've got a piece of chicken in half a whole wheat tortilla with some broccoli slaw and mayo. Then for the afternoon snack I've got some walnuts and a peach.

Dinner, I'm not too sure of. My parents said they would grill some pork (oink, oink), and I have a small sweet potato to go with that. In the evening, I figure a medjool date with some cashew butter will suffice.

So here I am on the Tosca Reno train again. But honestly, that's that best way I ever did it where I didn't feel deprived or angry at the world. It just takes an adjustment period and motivation to change the kinds of foods your body wants. Measuring macronutrients and weight training I was in kick ass shape. Eat all (complex) carbs with a little protein and eat 6 times a day.

Here's to Day 1!


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