Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy to Have Lost

Today is my first weigh in, and this morning I weighed in at 170.0. So that's a small, but on-target, loss for the week.

The past few days have been busy working both jobs. Luckily tonight is my last night at Nordstrom for a little while. I have mixed feelings about this. Although it will be nice to have a break from working multiple jobs, whether it be freelancing or retail, I find myself wondering how I'll handle all the free time. Will I distract myself by shopping and spending too much money? Will I go to the gym more? Will I EAT MORE? Will I get reacquainted with my kitchen and cooking again? I guess I'll figure it out as I go, especially during the upcoming weekend.

But today, I'm sick. Last night I probably scared poor sweet Travis because all of a sudden my chest was on fire and I had a really hard time breathing. I felt like passing out, but it seemed like if I let myself pass out I would stop breathing. It felt crazy! I thought my respiratory system was shutting down and I was starting to black out. This morning, judging by the way I feel right now, I think a chest cold or perhaps one of those illnesses going around has finally caught up with me. So who knows if I'll get back to the gym this week. Seems like something always comes up doesn't it?

Well I feel like shit so I'm out!


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