Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will I Ever Feel Better!??!!

This winter has been the winter from hell as far as being sick goes. I can't seem to shake whatever is going on with my sinuses, and it's starting to get really, really old. I don't feel like working out or eating healthy because my stomach is queasy from all the blockages going on in my head, chest, and ears.

What can I do? I had a loss last week, but since then I haven't worked out or been true to my diet du jour. So I'm probably right back where I started. But, for some reason, my dieting week starts on a Wednesday and today is Wednesday.

Seriously, how absurd do I sound right now. Starting yet again. Never following through, yet again. But I'm sick and that's a good excuse right?

NO, it's not. I'm going to shout out a big fat FU to my sinuses and at least focus on my eating for the next few days. I have to do this because the extra weight I gained, although it might seem benign enough, is beginning to wreak havoc on my whole body. That's why I try to keep my weight in check in the first place. If I so much as gain 15 pounds (which I did) my Aunt Flo isn't happy and starts with the ol' unannounced pop-in. Or she'll stand me up for our monthly get together (which is much better than the random pop-in). My knees feel bad, my breathing feels bad, and I'm always tired.

And that's the whole problem isn't it? When you let yourself get so far gone you feel too tired and bad to come back. And it sucks when you try and stand back up after a bad fall. Everything hurts and it would be better to just lie there and die, right? Hell no! Then the race passes you by and you're left lying there beaten and feeling bad. So I'm going to get up no matter how much it hurts. I might need to take it slowly or ask for a hand, but I can't just lie here and "die." I owe it to myself to get up, dust myself off, and not have yet another fat summer where I'm the most overdressed person at the beach.


Lauren on February 6, 2013 at 7:18 AM said...

this winter has been awful. Everyone I know is getting sick. I had an awful cold two weeks ago. still congested but feeling better. Keep it up.

Deedah on February 6, 2013 at 7:21 AM said...

Thanks, Lauren! You too. I still have a hard time with the smoking thing...ugh

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